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Quinn Mallory 
Quinn's journey started out one day in a basement in what is known as Earth Prime (EP). Quinn was a young, brilliant scientist with big dreams.  He started out on his journey along with Professor Arturo, his physics teacher at college, Wade Welles, a friend and co-worker, and Rembrandt 'Cryin Man' Brown, who accidentally became part of the group.  Quinn invented Sliding in his universe, and with his friends, they set out to explore the multiverse, and try to find their way home.  Quinn is a strong and caring young man who takes the responsibility of getting his friends into the situation very seriously.  He takes every possible opportunity to help those in need, but he often acts before he thinks things through.  He is also very loyal to his friends, and carries around with him the guilt  of the death of his mentor, Professor Arturo, and the loss of his close friend (and some say secret love) Wade Welles.  It comes as a shock to Quinn when he discovers that his parents were not his real parents, and that he is not originally from EP.  Quinn also discovers that he has a brother, but he is on another world.  He then sets out immediately to find his brother, armed with the coordinates that he received in a microdot from his foster mother.  

Rembrandt Brown
Remmy is the only Slider to join the team without his consent.  Before that fateful day, Remmy was a struggling R&B singer who was just hoping for his big break.  He is now a valued member of the team, and is often the voice of reason.  Rembrandt was captured by the Kromaggs (a race of evil ape-like creatures) upon returning to EP with Wade.  They discovered that the Kromaggs had taken over their world, and all their hope of happiness and 'getting back to a normal life' faded.  Remmy and Wade were separated at one point, and aside from the fact that Wade had been taken to a breeding camp, nothing is known of what happened to her.  Rembrandt carries around a tremendous amount of guilt over the loss of Wade.  In one episode in the third season, Remmy even confessed that he loved Wade, but not in the physical sense.  Remmy is a very sweet and caring person who would do anything for his friends, and has finally let go his dreams of being a superstar.

Maggie Beckett
Formerly Captain Beckett, Maggie hasn't been with the Sliders 'team' very long.  Her earth was irradiated by pulsars and destroyed, but not before they managed to Slide a small group of people from her world off of it.  Maggie is a widow, her husband Dr. Jensen was killed by Colonel Rickman who also killed Prof. Arturo who threw himself in front of the bullet to save Quinn.  Rickman escaped, and Maggie originally joined the Sliders to hunt down Rickman for revenge.  Now, after Rickman's death and the loss of Wade, Maggie has tempered a lot and is no longer a  bossy,  military-minded, gun toting witch who cares about nothing but revenge.  She has become a team player, and has learned the 'ropes' of Sliding.

Colin Mallory
Colin is the newest member of the Sliding team.  He is the long-lost brother of Quinn who grew up on a non-tech world where life is very much like the 1800's. Colin is an inventor who creates several ground-breaking projects for his world.  He may be a genius on his own world, but in the 'modern' worlds that they slide to, Colin is lost.  Things like indoor plumbing, telephones, and cars are wonders to Colin.  He has an urge to take things apart and 'see how they work'.  His inquisitive, but slightly naive nature will provide interesting situations for the new season.

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